Laser-based Techniques and Applications - LATA
Project Summary

The goal of this project is the efficient, cheap, environmental-safe production of H2 for small and medium-scale use in remote areas (e.g. small Islands or inaccessible villages), with the use of solar cells based on new perovskite dyes.

is a clean fuel that can cover the majority of energy needs and the existed problems with its storage have been solved. On the other hand, the solar cells can produce cheap electrical energy: but it has to be consumed immediately, because the storage in batteries it’s expensive and unprofitable. For small communities that are not connected with the energy nets, the storage of excess energy as H2 to be used later (for production of electricity or another energy needs), will be the perfect solution.

By using the new types of perovskites we hope to eliminate their disadvantages that are their degradation over time and radiation as well as their toxicity. To address these issues, we are planning to test perovskites based on metals other than Pb (e.g. Sn, Bi Sb, etc.) and use two-dimensional (2D) perovskite systems [e.g. (C9H19NH3)2SnBr4], nanoparticles of 3D systems, or quasi two-dimensional systems. The design of the perovskites will be based on our previous experience and on theoretical calculations. The prepared perovskites will be fully characterized and tested, in order to choose the most appropriate ones for the development of solar cells.

In addition, aspects such as materials used, fabrication and performance testing will be evaluated in order to achieve optimum characteristics and environmental friendliness for use by independent small units (houses, hotels etc).

The main goals of this project, besides the fabrication of the specific system, are to build research and development activities between European and Mediterranean Research Institutions and to encourage a strong collaboration for renewable and clean energy production.

Project Summary
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