Laser-based Techniques and Applications - LATA
New infrastructure

Platform for electrical measurements of thin films :

 The system allows for the van der Pauw/Hall combined measurements.
It consists of a Keithley 6220 DC current source and a low noise 2182A Nanovoltmeter. A pC controls the system via a house-made Labview program.
The maximum magnetic field is 0.9 Tesla. The magnetic field can be calibrated with the aid of a Wuntronic handheld Gauss/Tesla meter with USB connection to a pC.

Platform for measurement of the electrical parameters of solar cells: 

The system consist of Solar light simulator and a reference Solar Cell (both from LOT, Germany).
The simulator has a 25 mm beam diameter and a AM 1.5 filter.
A Keithey 2400-c sourcemeter is used for recording I-V curves. The system is controlled by a Lab pC
a via 
house-made Labview program. 

Kickoff 11-12/7/2013
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New infrastructure
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