Laser-based Techniques and Applications - LATA
years 2001-03
1. "Experimental and theoretical analysis of the 5pnp J = 0e, 1e and 2e autoionizing spectrum of Sr". S. Cohen, M. Aymar, A. Bolovinos, M. Kompitsas, E. Luc-Koenig, H, Mereu and P. Tsekeris, Eur. Phys. J. D 13 165-180 (2001).

2. "“Effects of Experimental Parameters in Quantitative Analysis of Alloy Steels by Laser Induced break-down Spectroscopy”. F. Roubani-Kalantzopoulou, I. Bassiotis, A. Diamantopoulou, A. Giannoudakos and M. Kompitsas. Spectroch. Acta B 56(6) 671-683 (2001).

3. "Particulates–free Ta thin films obtained by pulsed laser deposition: the role of a second laser in the laser-induced plasma heating". E. György, I. N. Mihailescu, M. Kompitsas, A. Giannoudakos, Appl. Surf. Science, 195 (2002) 270.

4. "Time-resolved fluorimetry of two-fluorophore organic systems using artificial neural networks". S.A. Dolenko, T.A. Dolenko, V.V. Vadeev, I.V. Gerdova, M. Kompitsas, Optics Comm. 213 (2002) 309.

5. "Partikelfrei Schichtabscheidung mit einem synchronisierten Zwei-Laser System" (in German).
M. Kompitsas, A. Giannoudakos, E. Gyorgy, I. Mihailescu. Photonik 35(2) (2003) 48.

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